This musical duo is on a mission:

To make music that raises the vibrations of the listeners and elevates your mood.

After a successful release of their debut album, The Arrival, where all 9 songs looped on radio, in lounges, hotels and clubs etc, this success has motivated them to continue with their journey, because making music is what Moon and Aries were born to do.

And their love for retro and futuristic ideas was infused with synthesizers and nostalgic melodies, creating an album that takes you in and out of time.

As they move forward in their musical adventure, Moon and Aries have opened up their sound to really encapsulate their self proclaimed genre "Synth Pop Opera."

Moon and Aries pride themselves on high concept, dynamic theatrical tracks, and their new EP is nothing less than a full body activation experience.

After their existential exploration of the dark night to "The Arrival," Moon and Aries find themselves in Paradise. The new EP "Paradise" has 5 tenacious tracks that carry you away, but also take you deeper into your soul. The duo continues to thrive in their musical connections and purpose to create music to theme the times.