German composer & producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer / singer Jordana Moon team up as: 
MOON AND ARIES. To bring warmth and assurance for a brighter future. 

About MOON AND ARIES and the new EP trilogy ”BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode 1-3)":   

At first, they Arrived. Then they activated Paradise. Now they “Break The Matrix”. 
Moon and Aries are back with a big and bold statement. They will overcome the old World and build the new World with a fusion of nostalgic and futuristic celestial sounds, like nothing you have heard before. The self proclaimed, Synth Pop Opera Duo have a deep driving desire to raise the vibrations and activate a higher version of reality with their music. 
With Tom Aries'  memorable, seductive melodies and captivating instrumentals, blending with Jordana Moon's thought provoking and poetic lyrics and emotionally intimate vocals, they are back with a new Trilogy of music. A three part music series, broken up into different episodes, Moon and Aries hope to hook you into their sensual, uplifting and spiritually charged Universe of sound. 
BREAK THE MATRIX - (Episode 1 - 3): 
3 x 3 songs with a fusion of Electro Pop, Trip Hop, Cinematic Synth Pop. 

The dynamic duo has brought a slightly new vibe to their classic Synth Pop Opera sound.

Expect music that is a little more confidential and closer to their chest.

As they release, you will release and relax as you receive the upgrades.

Riding off the success of The Arrival album and Paradise EP, Moon and Aries keep striving to bring the most relevant music and stay at the forefront of the movement. 
So it is. Moon and Aries presents : BREAK THE MATRIX - TRILOGY!